BRT Energy Services Company, LLC has entered into an exclusive arrangement with PDT, Canada, to offer a

“Near-Bit Gamma Ray/Inclination”

tool that provides a cost effective alternative to rotary steerable.


Why Use Flashlight Technology?

 The “Flashlight” near-bit gamma ray/inclination tool gives feedback to the directional driller 2 to 3 feet behind the bit.  Data received at this distance allows course correction nearer to the bit than in conventional bottom hole assemblies which are 30 to 50 feet behind the bit.  This enables drillers to make quicker and more accurate corrections resulting in more usable lateral in better quality sand with minimal dog leg severities.

Drill Faster and More Efficient

2 to 3 ft bit to sensor for inclination & gamma ray

Faster geo steering adjustments

Reduce number of dog legs & dog leg severity

Reduction of time drilling in open hole sidetrack operations

Less than half the cost of Rotary Steerable tools

At bit inclination measurement

At bit gamma measurement

At bit formation resistivity (available in near future)

Tool operates in temps up to 300° F

Inclination sensor accuracy of +/- 0.3°

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Flashlight Case Studies


"The Flashlight allows the geologist to steer the bit when drilling in thin sands.  The tool allows formation tops or bottoms to be recognized much more quickly than conventional tools which are 40-50 feet behind the bit.  The reaction time for course correction with conventional tools can be more than 80 feet of lateral which in a lot of wells may be too late.  With Flashlight the effectiveness of slides is known quickly and can save precious V-section."

Geologist, Mid-Continent Operator

"The Flashlight technology allowed us to drill a faster lateral with more usable wellbore.  We were able to expose more clean sand, because the near bit GR data allowed us to see when sand quality deteriorated so course could be changed.  The near bit inclination data let us know immediately when the slides were effective."

Operations Manager, Independent Mid-Continent Operator


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